Fireproof Magnesium Oxide Partition Board

Fireproof Magnesium Oxide Partition Board

Fireproof board lparusually called magnesium oXiHu (West Lake) board rpar is combined of MGO comma MgCl2

And H2O alkali agent time period The steady magnesium colloid is reinforced by center alkali glass fiber net and stuffed by ligEPT materials then becomes new frameless ornamental substance interval

It has the functions of Iightweight comma robust depth comma minor contraction and effortless developing time period EEPTly the attributes of exclusive waterproof comma fireproof comma corrosion proof and plasticity are better than normally utilised wood multisplint comma paper area plaster boards interval

one rpar Fireproof colon The substance is class A frameless and examined by point out authority institute period The h2o absorb and max time period Fireplace durability amounts fulfill the demand from customers for ligEPT inner partition fully

2 rpar Watertight and dampness evidence colon By way of experiment and test comma after this materials has been immersed in the drinking water for one month comma it keeps its unique shape comma with out deformation or growth period Its dry-damp deforming ratio is period26 percnt and drinking water-absorbing potential is 15 percnt period The creasing resistance is 15MPa unEPTthe dry issue and 22MPa unEPTthe dampness absorbing situation comma I interval E interval The toughness unEPTthe humidity absorbing problem is increased

3 rpar Heat preservation and safety colon The thermal resistance is one period14m2k time period solw comma matched with the exterior heat insulating material period of time

It can be employed as the external walls in EPT

4 rpar Audio soak up and insulation colon 95mm soundproof wall can have a soundproof stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd as a 123mm wall made of four layers of 12mm gypsum plank comma and equivalent to the soundproof result of a 150mm typical strong brick wall

five rpar LightweigEPT and higher depth 10mm thick board weights 10 period7kg solcbm comma the wall is made of ligEPT steel keel which is

31 period5kg solcbm comma is about one sol10 of common wall produced of reliable clay brick even though the anti-affect intensity is 2-3 moments of normal plaster wall period of time It can be easily set up and the developing time is quick

6 rpar Surroundings defense colon The content is manufactured of normal supplies these kinds of as minerals and EPT fiber comma the surroundings safety level fulfills our place aposs demand period of time It is new solution that our country is encouraging

seven rpar The seaming therapies colon lparA rpar The seaming of solitary protect board comma or the seaming of two-layer include board at one particular aspect of internal and outer layer must be arranged stagger comma I time period E period of time comma not on the identical keel

lparB rpar You should go away the seaming of three-5mm when the boards dock lparC rpar Clear the seaming of the board comma and then fill the filling materials lparaccording to the characteristics of the board comma make sure you use elastic content rpar

lparD rpar After the filling material has been stuffed and curdled comma include glass net on the seaming and then paste putty comma paste craft paper and make easy floor treatment of the board

lparE rpar Remove dust and putty then make dry treatment lparF rpar Decide on appropriate grouting agent to paste wallpaper comma paint dope and spray plastic

lparG rpar Pick proper grouting agent to adhere aluminum plastic board lparH rpar WaEPTof sticking the tiles colon A rpar Pick the suitable tiles to stick onto the floor with glue b rpar Lay a base on the surface area of the board with cement and grout at a ratio of one colon 3 plus period5 lime and hold a steel mesh to have a roughcasting remedy comma then adhere with the cement and grout at a ratio of 1 colon 1 employed for outer EPT of pipe strains colon In present day construction comma the deal of the pipes is also extremely EPTant time period EPT the pipes with our glass-magnesium can the two resist the hearth and humidity and works as a decoration time period

Fireproof Magnesium Oxide Partition Board

Fireproof Magnesium Oxide Partition Board