Low Price Ebs Wax Powder

Low Price Ebs Wax Powder

Product title:
EBS Wax PowEPTUsed As Lubricant

White powder

Principal software:

one) This item is an outstanding plastic processing assistant, practically appropriate for all thermosetting and thermoplastic plastics. EBS is commonly employed as a lubricant, launch agent and sleek opening agent due to the fact of its outstanding lubrication, adhesion resistance and antistatic qualities, as nicely as substantially enhancing the dispersion of plastics or fillers. Adding this product in plastic processing can enhance the solubility and fluidity of resin, enhance the doing work efficiency, make up for the deficiency of mold complete, make the product shiny, uniform and brigEPT colour
two) This product can be employed as an anti-slip-stick agent for various polymer skinny molds or sheets. When adding this product to blow molding, it can not only stop the event of bubbles (fish eyes), but also make plastic baggage smooth and straightforward to ear.
3) As a lubricant, this item has exceptional inner and external lubrication, and has great synergistic impact with other lubricants such as sophisticated alcoholic beverages, fatty acid ester calcium stearate and paraffin. In the processing of Abs, AS, hard PVC, polyformaldehyde, polycarbonate, polyurethane and phenolic resin, this product can be utilised AS a lubricant and release agent, with an additive sum of about .5-one.5%.
four) In the formulation of inorganic stuffed POLYvinyl chloride and polyolefin, this item, blended with the principal stabilizer, can drastically improve the content and heat resistance and weather resistance of the polymer. Simply because EBS has a strong affinity with pigments or additives, it can increase the dispersion and coupling in the additive polymer and boost the professional value of the solution.
five) This merchandise can also be utilised as nucleation transparency agent: in polyolefin, polyformaldehyde, poEPTmide and other compounds, its nucleation time can be shortened, and the composition of resin can be promoted to be fantastic, hence improving the mechanical houses and transparency of the product.
6) This item can also be utilised as rubber processing agent, in addition to lubrication demoulding, incorporate surface brightener. In the processing of fluororubber, the strength of colloidal grain lifting, processing and vulcanizing plastics can be enhanced.
7) Incorporating EBS in the creation of paint can boost the uniform dispersion of pigments and fillers, boost the surface leveling of baking paint, prevent peeling of paint, and increase water and acid resistance. In the nitrocellulose paint can also play a role in extinction.
eight) In the chemical fiber industry, EBS can enhance the warmth resistance and climate resistance of polyester and poEPTmide fiber, and give them specific antistatic homes. As an additive in the spinning of antistatic nylon fiber, it can also reduce the yarn breaking. 1. Small particles (20 mesh) : it can be utilized AS lubricant, demoulding agent and anti-adhesive agent for molding, poXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ng and injection molding of Abdominal muscles, PVC, PET, PA, Laptop, PS, PP, PE, AS and other plastics, AS effectively AS surface gloss lubricant for challenging rubber (rubber hose, rubber board, floor mat for vehicle)

The EPT of the items is produced of kraft paper composite woven bag. 25kg/ bag granular /20kg/ bag/powder.

Item information:

CAS NO. one hundred ten-30-5
Molecular method C38h76n2o2
Visual appeal Powder
Usage Coating AuXiHu (West Lake) Dis.liary Agents
Coloration White
Transportation package deal Kraft Bag
Specification 20kg/bag
Brand name Aquashine
Place of origin China
Sample Supply
COA Offer
Palletized Offer
Molecular bodyweight 593.02
Preliminary Melting Level 141~146 ordmC
Fineness 20, fifty, eighty, a hundred twenty five, two hundred, 325 mesh
Color price Minus 2.
Acid value Minus seven. Mg KOH/G
Heating reduction Minus .one%
Unit of measurement kilogram
FOB cost USD 1.seventy three/KG
Least orEPTquantity 1000kg
Port HangZhou
Payment sort T/TL/CWestern UnionPayPaL
Providing capability 500000ton/year

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Low Price Ebs Wax Powder

Low Price Ebs Wax Powder