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Tire Rubber Recycling Machinery Car Tire Crusher Rubber Crumb Used Tyre Recycling Equipment

Tire Rubber Recycling Machinery Car Tire Crusher Rubber Crumb Used Tyre Recycling Equipment

tire rubber recycling EPTry vehicle tire crusher rubber crumb utilised tyre recycling tools

the 1st phase is EPT-TS series tire shredEPTEPT, is employed to shred the EPT tire into TDF rubber chips in 50*50mm.

the next phase is EPT-R sequence tire rasper EPT, is employed to make the rubber mulch in ten-30mm. it can be coloured rubber mulch as filler of garden or XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.den.

the 3rd action is EPT-G series tire granulator, is utilised to make the crumb rubber or rubber granules with no wire and nylon. it is 3rd phase in EPT tire recycling production line.

The EPT-M collection miller is utilised to grind rubber powder. it is beEPT to final step in EPT waste tire recycling production line.

the automobile tires, truck tires, trailer tires, OTR tires upto 4000mm can be shredded by our tire shredder

no matter what the frozen tires or not thoroughly clean tires both can be processed by our EPTs.

The pre-grinding program can be geared up with bolt slicing tools to reduce running expenses and simplify line routine maintenance.
The two-stage rasper method properly releases steel from the rubber for effective separation and clear line production.
The wonderful granulation program is equipped with a EPT rotor EPTly made to minimize the rubber dimensions of the tire. It offers maXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mum throughput although minimizing the sum of fines created. The EPT is also optimized for lower operating and use expenses.
Inhale textiles and dust at several spots in the recycling method.
The central reverse EPT filtration system extracts dust from the total program.
Our milling technique can be installed at the rear of the tire recycling system. The measurement and configuration of the milling technique is configured according to particular generation requirements, ie size and throughput.
An innovative sound attenuating enclosure is offered to decrease the sounds degree of the method to lt85dBA.
Drinking water spray and atomization programs are set up on crucial parts to preserve process temperatures risk-free and avert fires.
Method EPT ensures ingredient procedure back links, maXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mizes technique capability, and best guards the technique from interfering supplies.

Circulation- Chart of EPT tire recycling creation line

TIRE SHREDEPT: Used to shred the EPT tires into rubber blocks, NO Need Attract OUT THE WIRES FROM TIRE BEAD, NO Want Lower THE TIRES TO EPT Items. CAN BE FEED IN TIRE SHREDEPT Immediately.

RASPER: It can method and make 10-30mm wire free chips, the metal wire will be divided by rasper and captivated by magnet.

GRANULATOR: is made to grind the rubber mulch from the rasper into modest granules as fine as 1mm. The granules are screened and re-circulated right up until the wanted dimension is achieved.

Miller: is made to crush the rubber granules to rubber powEPTin -1mm.

Our Manufacturing facility — HangZhou HARVEST EPTRY CO.,LTD
HangZhou EPT EPTry Factory was estabEPTd in 1987,it really is one of the earliest specialist companies of nail making EPT and tire recycling EPTs.With superior generation expertise,1st-course management engineering and the professional after-sale service group,our merchandise not only occupythe domestic industry, but also export overEPT continually,which has received unanimous praise from our clients.Our factory alwaEPTaims to put customers’ needs at very first area,and has constantly tried out to up grade its products for much more than twenty a long time. The major merchandise now , nail generating EPT and tire recycling generation line , have currently received great marketplace for their high high quality and trustworthy technologies.

Tire Rubber Recycling Machinery Car Tire Crusher Rubber Crumb Used Tyre Recycling Equipment

Tire Rubber Recycling Machinery Car Tire Crusher Rubber Crumb Used Tyre Recycling Equipment

Rubber Crumb Production Line Waste Tyre Recycling Machine

Rubber Crumb Production Line Waste Tyre Recycling Machine

Complete Automatic Waste Tire Recycling EPT, Tire Recycling EPT (300kg~1000kg/h)

Business Introduction:
1. ten a long time on tire recycling EPT producing and exporting.
2. Supply inside 50 times.
three. EPT wooden or plywood crates EPT.
four. Complete transportation insurance policy.
5. Sell to 126 countries on six continents.
6. One particular-end rubber EPTry remedy in HangZhou EPT EPT.
7. It has handed ISO9001:2008 certificate

Full Computerized Production Line Approach

Waste Tires – #8594 Solitary Hook Debeader – #8594 Tire Cutter – #8594 EPT Tire Shredder – #8594 Rubber Cracker Mill – #8594Vibrating Display screen, Belt Conveyor, Magnetic Vegetation – #8594 Fiber Separator – #8594 -30mesh rubber powder – #8594 Fine Rubber PowEPTPulverizer – #8594 30-120mesh Rubber Powder

Substantial EPT, couple of operators
Lessen the generation value efficiently
Without having pollution, stable products functionality

Tire recycling EPT a new hot highly profitable eco-friendly venture, which can transform squander tires/rubber/plastic to treasure
Steel Tyre: 76% rubber powders, seventeen% metal wire, and five% or considerably less dust
Nylon Tire: seventy six% rubber, eleven% fiber, 6% steel wire and five% or much less dust

The most EPTant EPT of this line is Rubber Cracker Mill,
For this EPT, w
e have a few sorts of Product XKP-400/450/560/610.

For creating -30mesh rubber powder, the individual potential are as under:
XKP-400 line: 300kg for every hour.

XKP-450 line: 350kg for every hour.

XKP-560 line: 500kg for every hour.
XKP-610 line: 800kg per hour.

FAQ 1:

one. Why much more and much more folks are willing to make investments squander tire recycling EPT?
As we all know, rubbish (this sort of as squander tire, squander plastic, waste rubber etc. ) are escalating every day and this whole are a probably methods of market place and make total use of this can create wonderful a lot of of ultimate items and provide huge profits.

2. How to dispose of these wastes?
At the same time, organic rubber sources are reducing every day and really high-priced, reclaimed rubber is an alternative material for producing. It will also not affect the efficiency of the ultimate products.

3. How to deal with the difficulty and make a lot cash?
We use eco-friendly technological innovation (waste tire recycling EPT) recycling waste tire.

Squander rubber is the rubbish after by way of, so how to dispose it become more and far more EPTant. The production line we developed can preserve your cost and switch the squander tire into helpful materials It is in accordance with the quotturn the squander into EPT quot. Moreover, the waste tires do not through anywhere and shield the surroundings from polluting.

Tire recycling EPT is totally environmental friendly and creat excellent income for you. This is a extremely high earnings new venture.
We have successfully exported a lot more than fifteen international locations and locations, these kinds of as Russia, ZheEPTng , Saudi Arabia. TEPTd and so on.

Apps of Diverse meshes:

5-10 mesh: runway, university playgrounds, XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.den paths, bowling alleys, sidewalks, composite rubber flooring tiles, anti-static flooring tiles, synthetic turf, playground, artificial turf soccer field the the kinderXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.10 sports venues and caEPT tennis and basketball courts.

10-twenty mesh: rubber floor tiles, plastic runway, lawn quartz sand, cottonseed husk pellet, tennis courts, volleyball courts, a golfing training course, aircraft pitch, basketball court and recreational field, EPDM security mats, fitness center mats, all types of The stadium flooring mats.

thirty mesh: plastic insulation material, water-resistant materials, shockproof, washers, roof and wall waterproofing membrane, modified biHangZhou additives, reclaimed rubber, livestock, straw mats, fender, multifunctional mat, steady mat.

forty mesh: reclaimed rubber waterproofing membrane, modified biHangZhou additives, carpet padding, sleepers, rubber sheet, livestock grass mats, rubber water-quit gate waterstops, bearings, seal, buffer, brake brake linings cover, drainage pipes, gloves, rubber bands, elastic band, roof indications, brick material best liner, sanitary pumps, corner glue, wheel alignment, the pump pumping sand pads, fenders, multi-perform pad, stables pad, resistance burning content, seem insulation resources, rubber and rubber-soled, window sealing strip of rubber merchandise and agricultural Oaks (milk) Polystyrene.

60 mesh: sleepers, rubber sheet, waterproofing membrane, reclaimed rubber, tire interior cushion, car underbody sealed, water-proof ring, rubber miscellaneous pieces the alternative native gum creation of rubber products.

80 mesh: modified asphalt additives, reclaimed rubber, water-proof membrane, the measurement of the tire additives, sleepers, deceleration street humps, sealing strips, buffer, styrofoam pearls pad, rubber products, rubber piston, brake gate bushing.

a hundred mesh: automotive bias tires auXiHu (West Lake) Dis.liary EPTized EPT of components, footwear, sports products tires.

one hundred twenty mesh: plastic pipe insulation content additives, automotive bias tires auXiHu (West Lake) Dis.liary components, car refurbished outdoors pad, devoted shoe filler, chemical sealant a variety of rubber seepage mixtures.

two hundred mesh: building substance coatings, automobile tires, and alternative uncooked rubber generation of a variety of rubber items.


one. Delivery time of the rubber EPTs?
This is EPTly made EPT according to your particular prerequisite.
From engineer creating to generation completion, it wants about twenty five to 35 days.

two. What does your manufacturing unit do reXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ding good quality handle?
We pay out much much more EPTance to quality manage from the very starting to the end of creation.
Each EPT will be totally assembled and meticulously examined prior to cargo.

3. What is the EPT high quality guarantee?
Quality assure time is a single 12 months.We choose globe renowned brand name parts to keep our EPT in excellent functioning condition.

4. Are you in a position to give set up and commissioning overEPT? How EPT time will it take?
Yes, we can provide overEPT support and technological assist but consumer wants to pay for the cost of the installation.
Modest EPT typically requires within 2~3 days.
Massive EPT normally requires about 30 days.

5. How can I EPT you to produce the appropriate EPT as I requested?
We will absolutely provide a great top quality EPT as we mentioned and verified in the order.
The main of our firm lifestyle is innovation, high quality, integrity and efficiency. Also we have had significantly very good cooperation with planet well-known rubber production makers. If you appear to our manufacturing facility, we can show you’re the consumer all around us.

six. How can we go to your aspect?
We are situated in HangZhou Metropolis, ZheEPTng province, China. The name of airport is HangZhou Liuting airport.
We will choose up you at the airport.


Products portray concluded just before shipping and delivery, and then wrapped with stretch movie, stay away from rubbing the paint off the area, wooden EPT can be EPT, key areas, this sort of as digital control box, will be wrapped by shockproof EPT materials, and then packed in wood circumstances.

There are 15 seasoned engineers and 108 competent staff in our business, guaranteeing shipping on time as stipulated in the agreement. At the same time, the organization estabEPTd a EPT-term cooperative relation with cosco, for making sure the products arriving port on time.

If you fascinated in our products pointed out over. Kindly enable us know by return e-mail. Then I will provide you further thorough data.

Welcome to go to our factory!

Rubber Crumb Production Line Waste Tyre Recycling Machine

Rubber Crumb Production Line Waste Tyre Recycling Machine

Crumb Rubber Processing Plant Into Rubber Granules or Powder

Crumb Rubber Processing Plant Into Rubber Granules or Powder

Crumb Rubber Processing Plant into rubber granules or powder

1. Tire debeader/ tire drawing EPT
For pulling out metal XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.s from tire sidewall in one particular time (two-heads hook) or in two times (1-head hook)

two. Tire shredEPT(double-shaft shredder)
For shredding debeaded tires into 50*50mm rubber blocks.

3. Rubber Rasper
Crushing 50*50mm rubber blocks into 10-15mm rubber granules, and different ninety eight% metal wires by magnet separator.

four. Rubber granulator
For crushing ten-15mm rubber granules into 1-7mm rubber granules.

five. Rubber mill
For milling one-7mm rubber granules into thirty-120mesh rubber powder.

Technical Parameters of tire shredder:

Model JLSS1200 JLSS1500 JLSS1900 JLSS2600
Principal shaft EPT 37kw*2 forty five kw*2 90 kw*two one hundred sixty kw*2
Main shaft rotary velocity six-10rpm six-10rpm six-10rpm 6-10rpm
Doing work ability six-15t/h 8-18 t/h ten-twenty five t/h 15-35 t/h
Bodyweight 7000kg 13000 kg 16000 kg 36500 kg
Discharging conveyor Optional Optional Optional Optional
Conveyor motor EPT 3kw 3kw 3kw 3kw
Removable knife diameter phi530-720 phi530-720 phi530-720 phi530-720
Removable knife reducing head(adjustable) 1,two,3,six one,two,three,6 1,2,three,6 1,two,three,6
Completed ships dimensions 3-10cm 3-10cm three-10cm 3-10cm
Feeding tank size(L*W) 1.4*1m 2*2m 2.3*2m two.425*two.4m
Dimension (L*W*H) three.2*2.1.9m 4*1.7*2.4m 8*2.5*two.4m 8.2*four*4.3m

For a lot more details, please feel free of charge to speak to me.

EPT amp Shipping and delivery

Brief introduction:

  • EPT was estabEPTd because 1986, located in HangZhou city, which city of EPT hub of China, 31 many years expertise on production wood processing EPTry ,development EPTry and recycling EPTry.
  • EPT EPTs undertake innovative technological innovation from United states of america, Germany, Japan and Australia, not only suits EPT industry and woods, as properly as different supplies and countries. EPT assistance crew has much more than 20 professional engineers to give clients professional answers, going through multitudinous needs, EPT team alwaEPTpay tolerance and supply as far more options as achievable, to ensure each and every users have all protection although running our EPTs, in this way, EPT keep increasing and now owns ability of using large wood processing project, wooden sawdust, wooden pellet and wood flour generation line, also EPT recycling line for squander tire, utilized metallic, plastic, MSW etc supplies in China or overseas, unEPTthe help of interior business office, EPT is capable to just take quotTurn-Crucial quot initiatives in China or overseas. What is much more, our EPTs were approved by CE, BV, SGS and ISO certificates, exported to a lot more than 30 nations and share industry in globally.
  • EPT in no way stops enhancing and studying, we deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ed several new goods in the earlier a long time primarily based on the conventional technologies, this kind of as new type wooden chipper, cellular kind and diesel type crusher and chipper, hefty duty durable shredders, new type wood pallet crusher and so on. Far more and more EPTs become well-liked in EPT and overseas industry and won a very good popularity. To much better fulfills the around the world industry, EPT accept requests to personalize EPTs according to users’ demand from customers, warmly welcome to inquiry us with comprehensive requirements, all EPT men and women would provide ideal and all likelihood!


You Could Have Pursuing Queries:

Q1:Are You Investing Firm or Manufacturing facility?

EPT EPTry is a Manufacturing facility with thirteen years’ expertise in EPTry EPT,we offer you competive Manufacturing unit Price and excellent Soon after-sale Services!

Q2:What About The EPT Installation?

For a single EPT or a simple line,we give you Basis Drawing ,Set up Instruction Textbooks or sucessful mounted EPTry photo or videofor massive EPTs and complicated productioin line,we could deliver our engineers to XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. the set up if essential.

Q3:How About The Spare Areas?

We supply some free of charge spare components like belt,gasket etc small parts,for the BLADES,KNIVES,SHAFTS and so forth EPTant donning components,we sugget consumers acquire some aEPT with the EPTs to preserve the delivery value,and we have sufficient spares components in inventory.

Q4:What Will We Do If We Have Problems in EPT Working After We Get the EPT?

EPT has individuals EPT for following-sale services,if customers outside China have troubles when EPT functioning,just really feel free of charge to deliver us the photograph or video clip to demonstrate us,we will give you solutions in 24hours.

Q5:Could We Pay a visit to Your Factory and Check the EPT?

We warmly welcome you to check out our factory anytime,and we are quite happy to examination our EPT with your uncooked material.

Crumb Rubber Processing Plant Into Rubber Granules or Powder

Crumb Rubber Processing Plant Into Rubber Granules or Powder

Tire Recycling Plant to Rubber Granules Rubber Crumb Rubber Powder

Tire Recycling Plant to Rubber Granules Rubber Crumb Rubber Powder

This Creation line only could flip squander tyres to wonderful rubber powder period of time ManEPT preserving and large performance with excellent top quality are the major qualities of these EPTs period of time We have a crew of engineers operating on soon after-sales services interval If you are engaged in tyre recycling discipline comma this line is your best selection period of time

No Name Product
1 Ring cutter QQJ-20
2 LoopEPT YQJ-285
three Strip cutter QTJ-380
4 Block cutter QKJ-forty five
5 Tyre crusher XKP450
6 Large conveyor products BCL-eight
7 Tiny conveyor gear BCL-3
8 Large Magnet separator BMS22
nine Little Magnet separator SMS-one
ten Huge Shaking display screen BSS-eight
eleven Modest Shaking screen SSS-three
12 Fiber separator FS110

Tire Recycling Plant to Rubber Granules Rubber Crumb Rubber Powder

Tire Recycling Plant to Rubber Granules Rubber Crumb Rubber Powder