Walterscheid PTO Shaft Replacement without Connecting Yokes WWZ 2280 1210 0vGA/1G

Part no.: 395800129

Introduction to PTO Shaft

PTO Shaft without Connecting Yokes offers a lot more freedom for users in terms of combinations. Here are some of the key features:

  • universal joint size A profile (mm): 24 x 61 x 22 x 76
  • Universal joint size B profile (mm): 24 x 61 x 22 x 76
  • Size: 2280
  • Tractor version: Double yoke
  • Implement version: Double yoke
  • Lz (mm): 1210
  • Profile: With lemon profile
  • Profile pair: 0vGA/1G
  • Guard version: SDF 15Z
  • Max. speed (1/min.): 1000
  • Lock: DOPG/DOPG
  • Type: WWZ
  • A (profile): Double yoke
  • B (profile): Double fork
  • Locking system: Without/without
  • Additional information: Bedienungsanleitung ist im Lieferumfang enthalten
  • Weight: 17.50 kg

How to Choose the Right PTO Shaft

When selecting a PTO shaft, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  1. Length: The distance between the drive unit and the receiving unit is crucial for selecting the correct PTO shaft.
  2. Rated Power: The PTO shaft must be capable of transmitting the necessary power for your machinery.
  3. Shaft Type and Connection Method: Different types of shafts and connection methods are available depending on the application.
  4. Torque Transmission Capacity: The PTO shaft must be able to transmit the necessary torque for your machinery.
  5. Environmental Requirements: Depending on the environment, certain features such as protective covers, sealing performance, and durability become important.
  6. Safety Features: Reliable anti-jamming devices, anti-jamming pins, etc. are necessary for safe operation.
  7. Compatibility: The PTO shaft must be compatible with the rest of your machinery.
  8. Certificates: CE certification is important for PTO shafts in the European market.

Choosing the Right Connecting Yoke for PTO Shaft

Knowing how to choose the right connecting yoke for your PTO shaft is crucial. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Drive Power and Torque Required for PTO Shaft: This will help determine the strength and capability of the connecting yoke, ensuring it can withstand the expected load.
  2. Connecting Yoke Size Matching with PTO Shaft Diameter and Connection Requirements: This ensures a safe and reliable connection.
  3. Suitable Type and Shape of Connecting Yoke Based on PTO Shaft Design and Requirements: Common types of connecting yokes include cross-type and hook-type.
  4. Environmental and Application Requirements: Depending on the environment and application, certain types of connecting yokes may be more suitable.

The Importance of CE Certification for PTO Shaft

CE certification is important for PTO shafts for several reasons:

  1. Regulation Compliance: PTO shafts with CE certification comply with relevant EU regulations and standards, ensuring design, manufacturing, and use meet the requirements of the European market.
  2. Market Access: CE certification is a prerequisite for selling PTO shafts in the European market.
  3. Reliable Assurance of Safety Performance: CE certification provides a reliable guarantee of the safety performance of PTO shafts.
  4. Confidence in Product Quality and Safety: PTO shafts with CE certification convey confidence in product quality and safety.

Safety in Using PTO Shaft

Safety is paramount when using a PTO shaft. Here are some safety precautions to take:

  1. Wear Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment: This includes safety glasses, gloves, and sturdy footwear.
  2. Familiarize Yourself with the Operation Manual: Knowing how to properly use and maintain your PTO shaft can prevent accidents.
  3. Regular Inspection and Maintenance: Regularly inspecting and maintaining your PTO shaft can ensure it remains in good working condition.
  4. Avoid Clothing Entanglement: Loose clothing can get caught in the PTO shaft, so always wear tight-fitting clothing.
  5. Keep People Away When in Operation: To prevent injury, keep people away from the PTO shaft when it’s in operation.

About HZPT Group

HZPT Group has a leading position in the pto shaft market in China, engaged in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of power output shafts, industrial universal joints, and automotive drive shafts. Our products enjoy a high reputation among customers in Europe, the United States, Asia, Australia, and North America. We support customization and OEM services, and laser printing logos. We are among the top three professional OEM suppliers for many agricultural machinery factories, having obtained CE, TS/16949, and ISO 9001 certificates. We have systematic production equipment and a team, guaranteeing our quality and delivery. In addition, we also supply the following related products: agricultural gearbox, chain, sprocket, pulley, coupling, and other transmission parts and agricultural machinery parts. Customers are welcome to customize with drawings or samples.

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