Weasler PTO Shaft Replacement without Connecting Yokes F21 AW10 AW10S 1210mm G1/G2

Weasler PTO Shaft Replacement without Connecting Yokes F21 AW10 AW10S 1210mm G1/G2

Weasler PTO Shaft Replacement without Connecting Yokes F21 AW10 AW10S 1210mm G1/G2

PTO shafts are an integral component of many mechanical systems and are especially important in agricultural machinery and industrial equipment. Here’s everything you need to know about this key piece of equipment.

Five Key Features of PTO Shafts

  • Length: The distance between the transmission device and the receiving device.
  • Rated Power: The power that the PTO shaft can transmit.
  • Type and Connection Method: The design and how it connects to other components.
  • Torque Transmission Capacity: The amount of twisting force it can handle.
  • Environmental Requirements: Needs for protection, sealing performance, and durability.

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter

Choosing the Right PTO Shaft

To choose the right PTO shaft, you need to consider several parameters such as length, rated power, type and connection method, torque transmission capacity, environmental requirements, safety features like reliable anti-jamming device, anti-jamming pin, compatibility, and certification.

Importance of CE Certification

A CE certification for a PTO shaft ensures that it meets the regulatory and standard requirements of the European Union, providing basic safety guarantees. It is a necessary criterion for entering the European market, provides a reliable guarantee for the safety performance of the PTO shaft, and conveys confidence in product quality and safety.


Structure of PTO Shafts

The structure of a PTO shaft usually includes the housing, drive shaft, universal joint, protective cover, and connectors. We also sell individual components for those who need them.


Uses of PTO Shafts

PTO shafts are used in various scenarios including agricultural machinery, industrial equipment, transport equipment, and solar systems.

Adjusting the Length of PTO Shafts

Adjusting the length of a PTO shaft involves removing the plastic protective cover, shortening the inner and outer tubes according to the required length, removing burrs with a file, then oiling the inner tube of the steel pipe before reinstalling the drive shaft plastic protective cover.


About HZPT Group

At HZPT Group, we are industry leaders in the pto shaft market in China. We specialize in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of power output shafts, industrial universal joints, and automotive drive shafts. Our products are highly esteemed by clients in Europe, the US, Asia, Australia, and North America. We support customization and OEM services and we are among the top three professional OEM suppliers for numerous agricultural machinery factories. We have secured CE, TS/16949, and ISO 9001 certifications and our systematic production equipment and team ensure the quality and delivery of our products. We also supply related products such as agricultural gearboxes, chains, sprockets, pulleys, couplings, and other transmission and agricultural machinery parts. Customers are welcome to customize based on drawings or samples.

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