Weasler PTO Shaft Replacement without Connecting Yokes F26 AW26 1210mm G8H/G9

Weasler pto shaft Replacement without Connecting Yokes F26 AW26 1210mm G8H/G9

In today’s farming and industrial applications, the Power Take-Off (PTO) shaft plays a crucial role in transmitting power from the tractor or other power source to the equipment. The mentioned product of Weasler PTO Shaft Replacement without Connecting Yokes F26 AW26 1210mm G8H/G9 is a perfect example of such a component.

Features of Weasler PTO Shaft

  • Perfect fit for F26 AW26 applications
  • 1210mm in length, offering ample range for various machinery connections
  • Connection without yokes, ensuring a direct and robust link
  • G8H/G9 type of shaft, suitable for heavy-duty operations
  • Replacement shaft, allowing for easy maintenance and reduced downtime

Our PTO Shaft – The Perfect Replacement

We provide PTO shafts that are entirely compatible with Weasler dimensions, offering a seamless replacement for your needs. Our shafts assure robustness, longevity, and superior performance.

Technical Parameters of Our PTO Shaft

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters

Choosing the Right PTO Shaft

Several parameters need to be considered when choosing the right PTO shaft, such as:


The distance from the power transmitting device to the receiving device.

Rated Power

The power that the shaft can handle without causing any damage or loss of efficiency.

Type and Connection

The type of shaft and its connection method plays a crucial role in determining its compatibility with the machinery.

Torque Transmission Capacity

The ability of the shaft to transmit the required torque effectively.

Environmental Requirements

Protection shields, sealing performance, and durability are crucial for the shaft to operate in different environmental conditions.

Safety Features

Reliable anti-jamming devices and safety pins are essential for the safe operation of the PTO shaft.


The ability of the shaft to adapt to different machinery and work conditions.


CE certification ensures that the shaft meets the necessary safety and quality standards.

Our PTO Shaft – CE Certified

Our PTO shafts come with a CE certification, ensuring its compliance with the European Union’s regulations and standards. This certification provides a reliable guarantee of the shaft’s safety performance, conveying confidence in the product’s quality and safety.

PTO shaft certificate

Structure of Our PTO Shaft

The structure of our PTO shaft includes Housing, Drive Shaft, Universal Joint, Protective Cover, and Connectors.

PTO shaft structure

Applications of PTO Shaft

The PTO shaft finds its use in various applications such as:

  • Agricultural machinery: It connects tractors with equipment like mowers, harvesters, straw crushers, sprayers, mixers, etc.
  • Industrial equipment: PTO shaft drives rotating equipment like pumps, generators, centrifuges, mixers, etc.
  • Transportation equipment: PTO shaft also drives some transportation equipment like trailers, semi-trailers, and trolleys.
  • Solar systems: PTO shaft is used to rotate and adjust the photovoltaic panels of trackers.

Adjusting the Length of PTO Shaft

Our PTO shaft offers easy length adjustment by following these steps:

  • Remove the plastic protective cover.
  • Shorten the inner and outer tubes according to the required length.
  • Remove the burrs with a file.
  • Oil the inner tube of the steel pipe and reinstall the drive shaft plastic protective cover.

PTO shaft shortening

About HZPT Group

HZPT Group, a leading name in the PTO Shaft market in China, offers the development, manufacturing, and marketing of power output shafts, industrial universal joints, and automotive drive shafts. Our products enjoy a great reputation among European, American, Asian, Australian, and North American customers. We support customization, OEM services, and laser logo printing. As a top-three professional OEM supplier for numerous farming equipment factories, we assure quality and delivery with our CE, TS/16949, and ISO 9001 certifications. We also supply related transmission products and agricultural machinery accessories.

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