Walterscheid PTO Shaft Replacement without Connecting Yokes PWH 480 1134 SPGF 25 1bGA



Further information

Universal joint size A profile (mm):
32 x 76 x 27 x 94
Implement version:
Double yoke
Lz (mm):
With lemon profile
Profile pair:
Guard version:
A (profile):
Double yoke
Locking system:
Additional information:
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15.00 kg
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Part no.: 395113274

PTO Shaft without Connecting Yokes: Freedom of Compatibility

PTO shafts without connecting yokes offer users more freedom of choice. Here are five key features:

  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2
  • Feature 3
  • Feature 4
  • Feature 5

Our PTO Shafts: Perfect Replacement for Weasler

Ever-Power Group’s PTO shafts are designed to be perfectly compatible with Weasler, offering a seamless replacement option.

Selecting the Right PTO Shaft

When choosing a PTO shaft, it is important to consider the following parameters:

  • Length: The distance between the drive and receiving devices.
  • Rated Power
  • Type and Connection of the Shaft
  • Torque Transmission Capability
  • Environmental Requirements: For instance, protective cover, sealing performance, and durability.
  • Safety Features: Such as reliable anti-card sleeve device, anti-card pin, etc.
  • Compatibility
  • Certification: CE certification

Our Certifications

We are proud to announce that our PTO shafts have received CE certification. The importance of CE certification includes:

  • Compliance with EU regulations and standards, ensuring design, manufacturing, and use of PTO shafts meet European market requirements.
  • CE certification is a necessary condition for entering the European market.
  • Provides a reliable guarantee for the safety performance of the PTO shaft.
  • Transmits confidence in product quality and safety.

Author: Miya