Walterscheid PTO Shaft Replacement without Connecting Yokes Type W Size 2600 Lz (mm) 860 Guard version SD 35 Profile pair S5H/S6



Further information: Universal joint size A profile (mm): 42 x 104; Universal joint size B profile (mm): 42 x 104; Size: 2600; Tractor version: Without connecting yoke; Implement version: Without connecting yoke; Lz (mm): 860; Profile: With star profile; Profile pair: S5H/S6; Guard version: SD 35; Max. speed (1/min.): 1000; Lock: ZK/ZK; Type: W; A (profile): Without connecting yoke; B (profile): Without connection fork; Locking system: Without/without; Additional information: Bedienungsanleitung ist im Lieferumfang enthalten; PS/kW (1000 / 540 U/min.): 122 / 79; Weight: 22.12 kg; Service-Center form: Click here; To be found in category: PTO shafts & drive technology; Search filters: PTO shafts, PTO shafts without connecting yokes. Part no.: 395113133

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How to Choose the Right Connecting Yoke for Your PTO Shaft

Determine the Required Transmission Power and Torque of the PTO Shaft

Ensure the Size of the Connecting Yoke Matches with the Shaft Diameter and Connection Requirements of the PTO Shaft

Choose the Suitable Type and Shape of Connecting Yoke Based on the Design and Requirements of the PTO Shaft

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Company Certifications

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Structure of PTO Shaft

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