Walterscheid PTO Shaft Replacement without Connecting Yokes WH 2300 1125 SD 15Z 1



Universal joint size B profile (mm): 27 x 74,6

Size: 2300

Tractor version: Without connecting yoke

Lz (mm): 1125

Profile: With lemon profile

Profile pair: 1

Guard version: SD 15Z

Type: WH

B (profile): without connection fork

Locking system: Without

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PS/kW (1000 / 540 U/min.): 44 / 28

Weight: 6.20 kg

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PTO shafts without connecting yokes

Part no.: 395113187

About PTO Shaft without Connecting Yokes

A Power Take-Off (PTO) shaft without connecting yokes offers a myriad of possibilities for users. Here are five key features:

  • Flexibility: Can be used in a variety of applications
  • Compatibility: Matches the dimensions and installation procedures of Weasler PTO shafts
  • Customizability: Can be tailored to suit specific requirements
  • Reliability: Built to last and handle heavy-duty operations
  • Easy installation: Can be installed without professional help

Choosing the Right PTO Shaft

When choosing a PTO shaft, it is important to consider several factors such as the distance between the driving and receiving devices, the rated power, the type of shaft and connection method, torque transmission capability, environmental requirements, safety features, adaptability, and certification. Below is a detailed explanation of each factor.

Choosing the Right Connecting Yoke

About CE Certification

Safe Use of PTO Shafts

Our Certifications

At Ever-power Group, we are proud to be certified by CE, TS/16949, and ISO 9001. We believe that these certifications provide an assurance of quality and safety to our clients. Here is a snapshot of our certificates:

Ever-power Group Certifications

Components of a PTO Shaft

Applications of PTO Shafts

Adjusting the Length of a PTO Shaft

About Ever-power Group

Ever-power Group is a leader in the PTO Shaft market in China. We are engaged in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of power output shafts, industrial universal joints, and automotive drive shafts. Our products enjoy a good reputation among customers in Europe, the United States, Asia, Australia, and North America. We offer custom-made and OEM services, and we can laser print your logo on our products. We are among the top three professional OEM suppliers for many agricultural machinery factories and have obtained CE, TS/16949, and ISO 9001 certificates. We have a systematic production equipment and team to ensure our quality and delivery. We also supply related products such as agricultural gearboxes, chains, sprockets, pulleys, couplings, and agricultural machinery parts. Please see our product range below:

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We welcome customers to customize products according to their drawings or samples.

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